Xbits Token operates as a token used throughout the Xtrades Economy.  Here is the Xbits Tokenomics Document.

a. How will membership fees work, alongside Xbits?

Membership fees should always be calculated in US Dollars.  $38, $45, $50, $59.99, etc.  Current users keep their rate until they cancel, and new users would have to pay the higher rate if we did lift our rate up.

Users would have the option to pay with the standard payment methods of Credit Card/Paypal or they can pay in Xbits (we would need to provide an option to start deducting from their Xbits balance instead of normal payment methods).

Users will also benefit from staking Xbits in membership discounts and earning more xbits.

Ideally we want our platform to operate on a freemium model, providing some benefit to users that are free, and allow them to still view certain things without having to pay.  We would want to capture users that are referred to our site as fast as possible, so having them sign up with an Email + Password and IP rate limit would be our best option there.

Paid members would receive full access to channels, and alerts etc., while also receiving discounts to Xhub Items, Coaching, Questions, and many more benefits.

b. What we can start by providing users for free

  • Profile Creation
  • Accessing Xhub Free
  • Products
  • Viewing Xhub Paid Products
  • Referral Link
  • Settings
  • Upgrade Membership Capabilities
  • Delayed Alerts and Notifications (NTH)
  • Watchlists. View
  • Watchlists of Users They’re Following.
  • Create Own Watchlists. (NTH)
  • Access to some discord channels

c. Xbits Payments

  • 20% of all membership fees will go towards buying up xbits and distributing 2% to stakers and 18% to traders / contributors
    Direct Cashout Feature (High Fees / Spread)
  • Xbits can only be sold on the open market or cashed in with Xtrades for US Dollar, with a 10% service fee + slippage.
  • If everything within the application was standardized in USD, but we always had a Xbits Conversion Rate at checkout, that would be the best way to go about having both in the system.
  • Price shown in USD, xbits conversion shown at checkout.