3. What Problem Do We Solve?

The internet is an enormous place with over 4,660,000,000 people online daily.  Of those people, 18,000,000 invest in equity markets.  These individuals are being spoon fed the same information that our top traders, through proven quantification can find and provide consistently. We want to create an influencer platform that allows traders with proven trading abilities to gain recognition, and a stage to provide their market insights.  The overpriced monthly subscriptions that these internet “Gurus” currently charge can range from $30 – $300 a month.  What we’re doing is undercutting these high prices and providing the same knowledge, streamlined, with better traders executing “alerts” regularly than any other service.  Due to scalability and usage of technology, there is no reason not to.  Individuals with accounts sizes $200 and lower are able to take advantage of our monthly subscription when we price it under $40.  On top of this, we will aim to use technology to our advantage when providing and entertaining the users with more dissected individual and overall community analysis than any trading community available.

There are many iterations of “Chatrooms” out there some that have taken a stance towards improving the technological side of things – but there has yet to be anything that really takes the interaction experience of a real-time chat, to something even more.

MVP Outline

Userbase = Product