What can users accomplish in the Xtrades Platform as a Customer?

a. As a Learner

Being around a community of vetted traders that the administrators have used a quality assurance process to create, allows paying customers that have the ability to self-learn (which is an innate ability that all humans have) to learn the logic that traders of all experience types (amateur, intermediate and experienced) use to execute their positions.

Examples of the information being provided: Patterns, indicators, timeframes, psychological thesis being used during the execution of a trade and the thought process being shared. Seeing these sorts of trade idas play out over and over again is enough repetition for anyone with the conviction to analyze and learn to become profitable.

More important than the above, the timing of the entries and the exits alerted, when researched in hindsight show a properly executed trade, can be used in study of technical formats of one’s own choice with usage of the free website platforms available right now:  Trading view for example.

Traders and Investors, through the information available in our channels, can determine the best platforms suiting their needs to execute the trades they want to place.  So in theory, we are providing the user the ability to be completely up to date on most optimal current Broker Platforms and Trading Tools being used in the current “meta.”

b. As a Profiteer

Provide value in the form of the following:  Alerts, Watchlists, Livestreams, Main Chat Activity, Trialist Help, Conversions, Artwork Creation, New User Onboarding, Inviting, Social Media Marketing, and More.

Doing the above tasks, allows for us to give credit back to the users.  They earn Xbits, which can be eventually converted into USD.  The earnings are parallel to the gross membership fees we are generating from the subscribed users.  I.E: 20% of Gross Membership Fees + Bonuses will be distributed to the top active traders of the chatroom.

The payment system that we utilize is based on a sum of points that we provide using point values for certain actions: Using the Xtrades logo, Loyalty within Xtrades during Stressful Situations, Activity, Unquantifiable value points like Live Streams or Mentoring Users, General Alert Quality, Balancing Effect (putting in work in areas that need more help).