End Of Month Calculations (Paying Out Users)

This is an admin panel feature.  Each action or post type will have a point value.  We will pay the users by determining the % of the point values they have earned, and then giving them that respective % of the funding pool to them.  There will be three funding pools: Analyst (Analysts and Top Analysts) Top Trader (Top Traders and Contributors)  and Contributor (Mods, Users, Jr Trasders).

Currently, we calculate user payouts based on a number of variables.

  • Their Rank
  • Their alert results for the month
  • Their survey results for the month
  • The actions they have taken inside of Discord (posts and moderation)
  • The miscellaneous contributions they have made (videos, webinars, indicators, etc.)

This is where actions inside of Discordnd Outside of Discord are calculated for Payouts.  Only users that have spoken for more than 100 posts for the month will be on this list.  This list will show data to sort by previous month, this month, and all time.

a. Action Counts

Bringing in Invite from Invite Link (Count)
# of Qualified Posts in any main channels (12 words or more or include ticker)
Wearing XT Logo / XT Twitter Profile (manually decided)
Properly Following Culture Bonus (manually decided)

b. Post Counts

b.1. Xtrades Staff Server

  • #announcements

b.1. Xtrades Server

  • #Options-Elite
  • #Stock-Elite
  • #Newb-Chat
  • #Trial-Ended
  • #stock-watchlists
  • #options-watchlists

c. Ranking Rotation System

Given the above payout calculation can automatically give us a performance score of each user for the month, every 3 months, there will be a role rotation where the Analyst will switch roles with a Top Trader, and a Top Trader will switch roles with a Contributor, a Contributor will switch roles with a Jr Trader, and a Jr Trader will switch roles with a normal user or mod.

The switch will occur between the strongest link of the lower rank, and the weakest link of the rank 1 step higher.

d. Stream Calendar (Accessed via Xhub)

Users are constantly looking for ways to receive live education and feedback from the contributors in our channel.  After interactive a live trading day with an Analyst, it’s a great feeling to hear live and firsthand their experiences.

Any user Top Trader and above can add to this calendar.  This calendar will show users a list of upcoming stream times and webinars that we will host for members and non-members to view.  Ideally, as the one who is hosting the webinar, choosing whether it is for members or non-members should be an option.  When done, the event will show up for members only if selected for members.

When Adding A Class or Session.  Here are the must-fills:

  • Class Topic
  • Date and Time
  • Link to Class
  • Image

Top Traders and above will discuss with admins in discord, before adding their events to the calendar of course.  There is a trust factor in this that the Top Traders will not post unauthorized events.

As members paying a monthly subscription, we want to know what upcoming educational webinars, or areas we can learn are. 

Ideally, this will be located in the Xhub under “Events” or as its own square area on dashboard, etc.  I will leave this up to the discretion of the UX designer to decide.