Introduction: The Beginning Of Xtrades

Xtrades started as a small online service called “Enhanced Investor” which was originally a free service.  The founder, known as “Kevin” provided detailed insights on stocks that he thought could provide gains going long and short.  This ended up proving to be a fruitful service as members continued to follow Kevin for his free insights.  His following grew and eventually he began charging a premium to interact with his followers.  As the service continued to grow, Kevin realized that he could no longer service an entire ecosystem on his own, so he developed “Xtrades” which is the platform we have today that allows traders to learn and grow at an expedited pace, by being around individuals that have the same goal as them.  As traders progress through our system, we eventually give them seniority roles that allow them to earn an income and build a reputation on our platform.  Starting on Discord, we have fully taken advantages of the features available (Channel Structuring, Role Usage, API’s, Voice, Notifications, etc.).  Built in C#, we now seek to expand our technologies to the Web/Mobile Application side, further expanding upon useful resources for our user base.

Historically, Xtrades has gone through many trials and tribulations to become what it is now, the largest and most active, organized trading group on Discord.  We plan to turn this tight-knit communal base into a flown-blown heavy hitter application that will allow users to really explore and understand themselves as traders.


19,000 – 32,000 Users Online
4394 Paid Subscribers @ $38/month
92 Traders Earning Monthly